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Cryptocurrency Colocation


In 2014, Frontline Data Services began providing colocation and technical services to cryptocurrency miners around the globe.

Whether you are an established miner or just getting started, we understand the difficulty in deploying and running your Bitcoin mining equipment, as well as your ongoing needs and requirements.

Power and cooling are essential in order to grow your mining operation and Frontline is your solution. Our state-of-the-art, high density capable data center can accommodate the electrical and cooling needs of any rig.

Our goal is to help you colocate your GPU or ASIC Mining Rig(s) in our secure facility with the power and cooling resources you need to continue to expand your cryptocoin mining capabilities.

Frontline supports any 19-inch rack mountable enclosure and provides:

  • High Density Capability

  • Guaranteed Up-Time

  • Scaling Without Infrastructure Costs (Increased Mining Ability)

  • Stable Electric Rates

  • Fixed Low Cost Hosting

  • Rapid Deployment Upon Delivery

  • GPU and ASIC Capable

  • Secure Environment

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • UPS and Standby Diesel Generation

  • Ideal Location – 220’ Above Sea Level


Our goal is to provide our customers with a colocation facility that is not only efficient, but can guarantee the power and cooling necessary to meet the requirements of our Bitcoin/Litecoin Miners, allowing for maximum scalability and profitability.


Don’t wait until warmer weather prevents you from cryptocoin mining, scale up your mining rig now. Get your rack mountable rig set up in Frontline Data Center’s colocation facility today.

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