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Hosted Exchange

Don’t let email get the better of your business

Phishing, viruses and malware - these and many other potential vulnerabilities are just waiting to catch your business unaware the next time you open your Inbox. The damage caused by attacks of these type can be immense, but Frontline’s Email and Spam Protection services can keep danger at bay.


How many emails does your business send in a day? How much thought do you give to the risks that it exposes you to? Could your company live without email for its day-to-day operations?


Let Email and Spam Protection from Frontline give you the best of both worlds. Doing without email or not addressing the risks that you could face without adequate protection is not an option.

Email and Spam Protection services by Frontline Data Services allow you to:

  • Enhance email access – thanks to flexible search and message archiving options

  • Refine processes – offload storage to ease the pressure on your server

  • Ensure security – safeguard your information and prevent digital attacks

  • Streamline systems – indexing and easy data access simplify the way you work

  • Free Onboarding & Migration – Frontline will simplify your move to the cloud by doing all the heavy lifting for you

  • 100% Uptime guarantee - Our cloud gives small businesses the kind of reliability and security enjoyed by the biggest Fortune 500 companies

Always be one step ahead against attackers waiting to pounce!

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