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Colocation Services

Keeping your servers secure, up and running, and accessible 24/7


For some companies, keeping IT in-house may not be your ideal strategy. Moving your servers to Frontline’s professionally-managed data center, will provide you with the cost efficiencies you need while providing you the reliability, performance, and scalability required to run a successful business.

Frontline Data Services' approach to colocation services is simple. Specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, we provide the electricity and cooling you need to grow in place and maximize the utilization in every cabinet without any one-time charges.

Colocation is an important solution to add to your IT roadmap, providing many benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs – With all of your servers stored offsite, you can save energy and even reduce your carbon footprint when you use our services.

  • No more hosting issues – Hosting problems are a thing of the past with Frontline Data Services’ colocation services – we’ll host everything, and it’s included in our monthly fee.

  • Scalable – Our solutions are customized for small and mid-sized businesses that need flexibility for change or growth.

Find out more about how our colocation solutions can benefit your business: 845-664-7381.


Your business depends on your IT systems. We're confident that we are the only colocation data center in the Tri-State area that has solutions tailored to the specific needs of small and medium sized businesses.


You can depend on Frontline Data Services to keep your business up and running 24/7:

  1. Are You A Startup Or Small/Medium Business? Frontline specializes in working with startups’ and small/medium sized businesses who need to find a professional data center. When partnering with Frontline you pay as you grow and get the peace of mind you need to focus on your business.

  2. What We Offer. In addition to traditional colocation, we also offer backup and business continuity solutions, custom private cloud hosting, virtual servers, hosted Exchange, domain name and DNS services, and communications lines such as MPLS, P2P and DIA. We tailor every solution to meet your specific business needs and we work within your budget.

  3. No Long Term Contracts Or Start-Up Fees. We are so confident in our ability to not only provide the service you are trusting us to perform, but that you will become another one of our long-term happy customers. We don’t need to lock you into a long term contract; we earn your business and trust month after month with affordable and flexible terms, no hidden fees, guaranteed in writing.

  4. All Phone Calls Are Answered By A Real Person. It’s true….just read our testimonials and you’ll be convinced.

  5. Data Center Elevation is 220’ Above Sea Level. An ideal disaster recovery and back-up location for your equipment that is outside the flood zone. We are protected from hurricane-related threats such as storm surge and flooding.

  6. Perfect Tri-State Location. Minutes away from Manhattan, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut.

  7. Complete Solution. We provide everything you need to grow in place. We provision all data center resources (electric, cooling and bandwidth) from day one, while only charging you for what you use.

  8. We Are Move in Ready. If you’ve ever been a victim of a disaster without a backup in place or a new home to go to at a moment’s notice, we have our cabinets pre-wired with everything you need to get started today (you can literally move in within the hour…and we’ve had customers do just that).

  9. Additional Benefits – With No Charges. We’ve thought about the important things every customer should have...and we throw them in… FREE!!
    DDoS (denial of service) protection.
    Disaster recovery seats and annual DR testing.
    Equipment Insurance.
    Migration assistance, racking, and stacking.
    Receiving and racking new/additional equipment.

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