Second to None Customer Service and Outstanding Reliability  

For years now we have had no downtime, no service interruptions, or any other problems. The ability to conduct business 24/7 without interruption is critical to the real estate industry and my company. If you want to know what sets them apart from other providers, the answer is clear - their customer service is second to none. If we have the simplest or most complex question or request, Frontline's response is always swift and thorough. If I knew of anyone making a decision as to whether or not to use Frontline, my advice would be simple. Choose them, get up and running, and never worry about that part of your business again.

Sgt. Stephen J. Cole-Hatchard Director

A Story About “The Nick’s”

A person always answers the phone at the Frontline; it is usually “Nick”. There must be several of them, because they all sound different. We have only had to leave a message once in the several years (has it been a decade?) we have been with them. Even then, someone named Nick called us back before we had to call them again. This is incredibly helpful on stressful days where things don’t work. There is no lag between servers giving us issues and someone alerting us they are fixing it. Customer service at its best. Our company has simple needs. We don’t have an IT person. There have been times the problem was not coming from Frontline, but one of the Nick’s took the time to help us identify the problem anyway. He could have easily told us the problem was not on their end and ended the call, but he never did. He always helped us rectify the issue without demeaning or belittling us for not understanding the problem on a technical level. It is like calling your really smart IT friend for help. The service from this company is tremendous. I can’t think of a time our server was ever down. The customer service at Frontline is undeniably one of the best I’ve come across. They are especially extremely helpful to the business owner wanting to concentrate on their business and not deal with web hosting issues which can bog small businesses down. You don’t really think about Frontline until your email doesn’t load. It usually has to do with their security shutting things down, because someone is trying to hack into our server. In this case, that phone call is a welcome one. The only other time we think about Frontline is when we see our billing statement. We cannot believe we are not paying more. The prices are difficult to beat.

Margaret Lebron Kendall Margaret Lebron Kendall
C.L. Overseas, Inc.

You Certainly Have my Permission to Quote Me:

I will say the single biggest benefit to me and my company since using Frontline is...reliability. I know that we are in good hands 24/7...year round. I feel that Frontline provides better service than other firms I've work with in the past, and they provide excellent Customer Service. I've been working with Frontline for years and any time I've had a problem, they've been there for me and problem solved! I would easily recommend Frontline for the reasons listed above, and also for their great attitude toward my company even though we are a small business.

Joan Frazer Principal
Northern Lights Marketing

Why We Chose Frontline

Without a doubt the single biggest benefit for us has been the ability to assure our clients that their data is maintained in a fully secured state-of-the-art facility. Frontline’s willingness to work with our internal IT resources to troubleshoot problems and derive solutions (even when the problem is not related to anything on the FDS side) has been outstanding.

Definitely consider FDS for your IT needs, the level of professionalism, IT knowledge/experience, and their willingness to work with you in terms of your IT needs is invaluable.

John Giumarro Director of Marketing Operations
List Services

The Best Thing About Frontline is the Quick, Very Courteous, Amazing Customer Service.  

They are the BEST at taking care of their customer. They are unconcerned whether you are a big company or small or even a big customer or small. They are genuinely interested in fixing whatever computer related issue you have at the time.

Barry J. Geister President Anderson
Young Associates, Inc

You Guys Really are Heroes to me…I Mean Everything I have Written Below

I have been a commodity futures broker for 36 years. For almost 20 years (think it’s about that long) I have used Frontline to present my newsletter to clients and prospects, the bottom line being, this has absolutely been my primary sales tool for 2 decades.

I haven’t worked with other hosting firms but I have been tremendously impressed by Frontline’s back up support from day 1. It always blows me away that when I do have a problem, I have been able to promptly get on the phone with their very patient and meticulous tech support guys…and get the problem solved. In all those years, I have never had an instance where I was waiting…and waiting…and waiting for help.

I am really not that familiar with all their services but the ones I use…hosting my website, email (including spam filters), and distributing my newsletter to my mailing lists…have all been excellent…But the main thing would be their tech back up and support. Like I said before, they are AVAILABLE and THEY GET THE JOB DONE.

Bill Rhyne President

Personal Service – At Its Best

As far as I am concerned, I’ve got nothing but very good words about the years I’ve been with Frontline. I have always gotten personal and prompt service and always felt like a person - not an account. I’ve never had a problem with outage or – again - service in that whatever I’ve asked, no matter how silly, has always been attended to quickly and personally. It’s all about knowing that no matter when, or whatever you are asking or need, it will always be taken care of - in a personal way.

Christer Rosewell Owner
Christer Rosewell Photography

Don’t Think Twice About Choosing Frontline

Frontline’s support is excellent and is truly 7 x 24. Their technical team never stops until our issues are resolved. That is important for Avant Network. We expect to have service issues on occasions, but it’s how you prioritize and resolve them. Based on my excellent experience working with Frontline, I would give my highest recommendation to anyone considering them.

Gary Prestipino Avanti Network Group

Instant Access to Live SysAdmins

Frontline provides excellent service for special requests, (e.g., installing a language library/module which does not ship in the standard distro, punch a hole in or out of the network, support all of the best tools such as WHM, cPanel, PHP MyAdmin, MySQL, raw HTTP log access, etc.

Go with Frontline because they have real technical people and are not just reselling bandwidth/hosting without any real knowledge of Systems Administration. Any company can offer Ping, Packet & Power but you need technical people to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You simply will not find more value for the money from another company.

Brian Sullivan President
Sullivan Software Systems

Quick and Thoughtful Response – Every Time

I’ve been with Frontline for 10 years and my sites never go dark. Frontline hosted sites are fast and really reliable. They have great customer service and tech support, at no extra cost. If you ever have problems configuring your sites, they respond quickly and thoughtfully. I love their cPanel interface…it makes setting up your site really easy and offers a lot of advanced features.

Derick Melander Artist

Personalized Service

Personalized service and reliability has been one of the biggest benefits to my company since we’ve been working with you. You always take care of my issues quickly if I have any. You guys are the best and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for your services.

Howie Meyer President
Spring Valley Floral Dec. Co. Inc.

Unparalleled Customer Service

It’s been so great working with Frontline. We don't need to hire a separate staff to handle any of our IT issues and I know the product & services will always be excellent from Frontline! I really appreciate Ed Gleason & Nick for going the extra mile to exceed expectations. The service is unparalleled & all questions are willingly addressed, always!

If you're like us, you are in business to deliver your services to meet & exceed your customer expectations. We could not do that without Frontline. They make a difference.

Jeanne Spence Cosgriff Company

In a Word - Fantastic

The entire Frontline team are fantastic. They provide quick and effective support within minutes of our request – day or night. You can ask for better than that!

Jeff Monassebian Managing Attorney
Technology Practice Group LLC

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

"We have had the pleasure of working with Frontline for over 15 years. In that time we have found them to be professionally exceptional and always willing to help. The other hosting companies make it impossible to get help in a crisis - you are relegated to voicemail and never ending phone prompts. We can always get the assistance we need from Frontline when we need it - and they don't make us feel like we are bothering them when we call."

John Darmento Director
Gillrie Institute

Always Available and Judge Free

Working with Frontline over the years has always provided us with consistency, we never have any problems, ever! The entire team is very responsive, always available to answer questions from non-technical clients without judging our lack of technical ability. They are basically like an invisible fence, you don’t see or hear them, but you know they are doing the job because everything works!

Nancy Palazza President
Alternative Employment Specialists

Prompt Customer Service

Hey Nick….I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you that the one thing that always stands out whenever there are any technical issues, in my mind, is that your customer support team (special thanks to Ed Gleason) are always fast to respond, day or night, weekday or weekend. Feel free to share this with your staff or highlight this in whatever way you see fit….Best, Marty

Marty Huberman Owner
VideoArt Productions

Unmatched Customer Service

Customer service is absolutely the best I have received from any other vendor or company. I've been with Frontline for over 11 years now.

Follow up on service calls is essential for us and the Frontline team gets to us promptly with the correct tech to fix the issue. The services received are well worth their fees.

Patrick Casilli President
Secure Networks Inc.

Expert Friendly Technicians

Frontline provides friendly technicians who really are experts at their trade, including Nick, the owner of the company. I have used Frontline since inception of my company in 2000. They have provided excellent service and have always helped me and my team resolve any issues that have arisen. They are friendly and easy to work with.

Rich Weiss President
Managed Solutions, LLC

Thanks for Answering My Calls

I just wanted to shoot you a quick thanks….Whenever I have an issue with anything you always answer my call and help me through the issue. The service that you provide is very valuable!

Jeff Gonzales President
Fab Industries Inc.

I Can Speak to a REAL Person – And it’s Painless

The single biggest benefit using Frontline is the staff’s immediate and positive response to any glitch or issue I have ever had, and they have been very few over these many years.

I’ve used other companies before but what I found with Frontline is the ease at which I can gain contact with a real person and how painlessly any issue is resolved. If you’re on the fence about choosing them, get off and go with Frontline.

John Hanretty John J. Hanretty Equipment Co., Inc.

With Frontline You Get Personal Attention

Frontline not only provides personal service, they also offer a variety of services while giving us personal attention. When I call them I am talking to people that know me and our accounts. Do you want an anonymous person on the phone or do you want a person with a name? Not only a name, but the same names you’ve known since you starting using them?

Peter Tuddenham VP and Chief Technical Officer

Frontline – By Far Better Than Any Other Firm I’ve Worked With

If I were asked to describe Frontline in one word, it would have to “Reliable”. These guys interface with the customer (me) better than any firm I’ve ever worked with in the past. If you’re trying to decide which provider to go with, all I can say is…Go with Frontline!

Richard Honeycutt Principal Consultant / Owner
EDC Sound Services

Consistency is Key

Using Frontline to host my Domain and emails has been uneventful. That may not sound like an endorsement but it is. The fact that there have been no issues with my site in all the years I have used them speaks volumes as to their consistency. As far as email is concerned, the few times I have had any problems, I can connect with the technical staff every time; either by phone or email and it’s taken care of quickly. I would say the best thing about Frontline is the customer service, easy to reach, in this country, and takes care of what you need, every time.

Richard Leiter President
Ball Trading Corporation

Frontline Cares!!

No tech company is more helpful and cheerful with a quick response to any question and problem I’ve ever encountered. Smart, experienced, and knowledgeable humans answer the phone!! Your helpfulness and the amazingly smart tech savvy skills with your quick problem-solving ability has been incredible.

Frontline is a company that actually cares personally about my business as a customer and they have provided me with EXCEPTIONAL first class customer service on every occasion for 15 years and they work to resolve the problem until it's actually resolved; which is very hard to come by from anyone these days. They do prompt callbacks and teach me things that help me in every way that I need. Frontline has always gone above and beyond their actual duty as a provider company.

Ruth Callahan Business Owner
Doula Care – NYC Postpartum Service

You Guys Rock!

Just a quick email to say you guys are very dependable and reliable. Thanks Nick!

Patrick O’Donnell Combat Historian and bestselling author

The Personal Service and Responsiveness Can’t Be Beat

I have stayed with Frontline for many years because I know I can count on them. They really know their stuff, all of the features I need are easy to access and easy to use. I love the personal service - I call and I get a person to help me with any problem or question I have. They're always responsive - and they always know how to resolve any issue I have.

Sandy Levine Owner
Advice Unlimited

Thank You for Always Answering the Phone

Hi Nick. I hope all is well and wanted to drop you an email just to let you know some of the things that we have enjoyed about Frontline over the years. Number one…Ed Gleason! He has always been available and has been extremely helpful when we needed assistance.

Number two….When I need to speak to somebody you and your staff are available by telephone to help, which is very important. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get somebody on the phone and being thrown into the endless voicemail loop. Thirdly…although we are paying more than we could get your services for elsewhere, I enjoy dealing with a local company (even though I don't actually know where you are and I know Ed works from home but I still feel like we're neighbors). Continued success to you and your company.

Scott Paness World of Fax and Copiers

Simply Put - You Just Can't Go Wrong Choosing Frontline!

Frontline has always provided a very dependable services with competitive prices. Several of my savvy Web Designer friends also use Frontline. You just can't go wrong choosing them!

Scott Blacker Principal
Blacker Communications

Who Needs Ambient!!

Kilowatt has been a client of Frontline for almost ten years and we have been very satisfied with the reliability, service, and pricing of their services. I am confident in, and rely on Frontline to sleep well at night.

Stewart Masterson President/CEO
Kilowatt Partners

Hassle-Free and Reliable

Frontline’s hassle-free and reliable service has definitely been one the biggest benefit to me. The prompt and thorough troubleshooting and resolution of any problems or questions I’ve had is by far what they do better than other hosting firms. I would easily recommend them to others because of the great value for the money.

Susan Ugstad Owner
Balsam Bay Resort

I've been with you guys since as far as I can remember. I switched after the first hosting service was a disaster. Everything kept crashing. That lasted two months, tops. Any time there have been issues (all minor), they've been handled in rapid fashion. That has been the best part of working with Frontline. Thanks!

Ted Silary

A Very Professional and Very Dependable Company

I have always felt that I have been in very good hands with Frontline. If there has ever been a disruption with my service, it has been addressed promptly. Frontline was recommended to me years ago, and I in turn recommend their services.

Christine Prapas Artist & Photographers Representative

Best Benefit Working With Frontline…

Easy to get things done and the price is right. If you’re looking for a provider, CALL THEM!!

Ersilia Laurino Owner
Spazi Design, Inc.

Accessibility to Human/Live Help is Always Easy with Frontline

If they can tolerate me with my lack of computer knowledge they can help anyone, and they do…call them and they actually answer!

Rob Kahn Owner
A Shot of Texas Magazine

Frontline Always Delivers

Once Frontline set up my small business with Internet / Email / Hosting services in 2010, I have not had to think about it, and have had no problems whatsoever. This allows me to run my business and concentrate on what I do best. They are quick to respond to any questions we may have.

Frontline is an affordable, trustworthy, dependable partner that supports my business and allows it to run seamlessly, they get the job done and always deliver.

Wilson Murphy Director / Founder
WM Artist Management

Customer Service is Everything!

I have found that Frontline is an extremely efficient, professional organization dedicated to client service. If you’re in the market for a provider, go with Frontline because the customer service is supreme.

Dominique Manpel Attorney At Law

Frontline is Always There for Me

I was referred to Frontline so many years ago and I’ve never been interested in moving anywhere else. It’s great to have real people with real names that I’ve known for years and whom I can count on when I need assistance or have questions. I like the feeling of security I have with Frontline. They’ve been there for me, and they are always there when I need them. They understand my language; literally!! Local, as in fellows up in the New York/New Jersey area who are easy to talk to and are in my same time zone! I’ve rarely run into problems, but when I do it’s nice to know I can give them a call.

Simmons Bobbi Owner
Simmons & Associates Graphic Design

Quality Attention is Priceless – You Get That with Frontline

Whenever I've encountered a glitch or something that needs installing or fixing, I have received quality attention and service. It's priceless! Though I've looked at other companies they just don't seem to measure up to the customer service I am accustomed to at Frontline. They offer great technology with a personal touch. I’ve had problems and called from Europe and within a short time everything was working again. Great service!

Catherine Seo Executive Coach

Moving to the Private Cloud was Painless Thanks to Frontline; and LONG Overdue!!

The partnership between Abbott House and Frontline goes back more than 16 years (Since I have been with Abbott House). Our experience with the private cloud is nothing but best. There was almost NO downtime and the migration process (P2V) was painless and throughout the process Frontline was by our side, supporting and guiding us. The ease of spinning up a new VM has made our life so much easier, especially with our limited resources of being a not for profit organization. Most of all, Frontline delivers what they promise!

Sue Sheikh IT Director
Abbott House

Frontline Backup – The Best Backup Solution!

I started using Frontline Backup when I moved to Frontline Data several years ago and I couldn't be happier with the product. Sure it costs more than tape drives, but I used to spend way too much time troubleshooting tape drives, swapping and replacing tapes, and had no offsite storage or business continuity (disaster recovery) abilities. Now I sleep much better at night knowing that my data is backed up several times a day from every server and I can easily recover files from any restore point. If a server fails, I can boot up that server right on the Backup appliance or if need be in the cloud. I can also use the appliance for testing out new applications and systems (sandbox). Frontline Backup has become an integral part of our security process.

David Wallach Vice President of IT
Saint Dominic’s Home

Frontline is YOUR Answer Too!!

The largest benefit to partnering with Frontline for us has been the stability and exemplary service levels provided by the team. Their proficiency is beyond words and their quality provides the exact SLA that we give to our clients. Service, support, and quality of the data center and equipment are leaps and bounds above the competition. We have worked with many other data centers and Frontline leads in all areas. We have seen data centers all over the globe, and I have to stress that anyone would be hard pressed to find another company that provides not only excellent service, quality, and support; but a partner who is truly interested in also helping you grow with a myriad of solutions for any organization.

Bradford C. Armstrong Founder and President
Armstrong Professional Services